The Tempel team 

David Botha, Foreman

Foreman, tractor and bakkie driver, mechanic and winery assistant. With his broad knowledge and long experience, David is one of the solid rocks on which Tempel rests.
Firmly employed since 2008, but has some 17 years of service with Tempel.

Jeffrey Blankenberg, Farm Worker

Jeff is the first to arrive and lock up in the mornings before making coffee for everyone. And he is the last to leave after locking up. Jeff has some 16 years of loyal service with Tempel. Experienced in the garden, as well as in the vineyard.

Sandra Juries, Lodge Attendant

Sandra is now in her eighth year with Tempel and our principal lodge attendant. Cherished by us all and guests alike as "Happy Face", she takes care of cleaning, laundry and breakfasts with an ever radiant smile.

Ashley Minnaar, Farm Worker

Ashley, is now in his seventh year on the farm. With his wide skill set and sharp mind, he makes a great contribution in an array of tasks ranging from vineyard care, vinification assistance, general maintenance, gardening and many other.

Samanthea Visser, Lodge Attendant

Sam joins us on a casual basis to help out Sandra at peak loads. Cool as a cucumber, this mother of four addresses each task with ease, precision and solid confidence.